Tuesday, June 30


I had one other realization about life in the US vs. life in the Philippines...

11. Portion sizes at restaurants in the States are HUGE! Or maybe it's just Texas. Ha! But, the amount of food served on one plate is enormous compared to portions in Asia. I have only been able to finish half of my orders anytime we go out to eat... which is definitely not a bad thing!

One last comment about restaurants here... it's nice to be back in the land of convenience. Picking up a quick lunch or dinner at a drive thru fast food place is great! We are totally taking advantage of this!


Sandy said...

this is Sandy(Ava's Mom)!^^

Life is so different between Philippines and USA,and it's also different in Taiwan.
Seems we all had a great memory in Philippines.

This is my first time to comment in English.
And it's very good to me to watch your blog.(It increase my words.)
At the some time...I am thinking-try to write a diary in English.