Friday, June 12

Back in the US

Well, we have been back in the States now for 6 days. We have done the following so far:

* Ate Sonic - YUM!!! I downed my Cherry Limeaid like it was gold!
* Ate Taco Bell - Not as good as I was hoping. Not sure why I expected much...
* Ate Papa John's Pizza - Sam was on Cloud 9!
* Okay, we have eaten a lot! I can't really list them all here. That's what happens on vacation, right?
* Shopped at a grocery store with tons of different options & choices in food... and all of it IN STOCK!!

We have NOT done the following:

* Shopped at Target! Why have I not done that yet?! I passed by one yesterday (on my way to Sonic) and didn't stop! It took all the willpower I had in me not to grab the steering wheel out of Sam's hand & turn the car into the Target lot. That is on my "to do" list today!

It's been great being back in the States so far. We are looking at everything with wonder again... through new eyes. And, we are appreciating it all!


Lynn Leaming said...

Welcome back! That is the great thing about being away is you have new appreciation for the things that used to seem ordinary. Have fun!! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks.

Tam, Matt, Cade said...

Can't believe you haven't stepped foot inside a Target or Walmart yet. Good Lord, I plan to spend a day in both upon our return, ha! I know you are glad to be back, and we look forward to seeing you again when we get there. Cade misses the kids!

Anonymous said...


Ahhh no more Phili's

FilipinoBoston said...

Junk Food Ate! tsk tsk tsk...