Monday, May 26

Summer of '08

The possibilities are endless:

May 30 - The Click Five in Manila, Philippines (I have no idea who they are, but that is beside the point...)
June 12 - Air Supply in Subic Bay, Philippines (WOO-HOO!!! We are definitely going!)
June 14 - The Osmonds in Manila, Philippines
July 11 - Disney's High School Musical on Ice in Manila, Philippines
July 29 - Chris Daughtry in Manila, Philippines
August 1 - Rick Astley in Manila, Philippines

And, I'm sure there are some other loser American Idols thrown in here & there. Because those are the ones that always seem to make the Philippine tour. Like Taylor Hicks late last year. Oh wait... he was a winner right? I can't keep up...

Anyway, the Philippines is definitely THE place to be this summer!!

And, to think... some people actually prefer to spend their summers elsewhere away from the torrential rain & plethora of "has been" artists the Philippines has to offer. Not us! We are riding it out here in the land of over 7,000 islands!

Here's to the summer of '08! (Say a prayer for me...)


Lynn Leaming said...

Took some kids to see High School Musical On Ice here and they were not impressed. Totally disappointed because it wasn't the "real" people. Me? I was disappointed because the ice skating was very amatuerish.