Thursday, May 29

Our Summer So Far...

My goal is to type up a daily recap of our summer activities, but I seriously doubt that will happen. There are days when I don't even see the computer, much less have time to spend blogging on it. But, I do want to remember what all we did while living abroad, so I will give it my best shot.

Since Friday was our last day of school, I will start with Saturday...

Saturday, May 24

* A friend & I went on our Saturday morning walk. About 3 times a week, we walk the neighborhood loop, which equals 5 miles. It's great to have a friend that is willing to commit to this with me. The sad thing is that her family is moving to Canada in mid-June. Makes me sick to think of them leaving!

* After lunch, Sam & I took the kids to the school pool. It was a beautifully, sunny day & the pool was completely empty! Both of those instances have been very rare lately. We had a great time! The kids learned to dive from the diving blocks. Nick mostly did belly flops & with his large tummy, it must have really hurt! Samuel & I raced down the pool trying to stay right along the black lines painted on the bottom. He almost beat me. Lap swimming is definitely not my strength! After we had been there for a while, most of their classmates started showing up. The pool got crowded very quickly. So, Sam & I enjoyed sitting out under the shade while the kids played with their friends.

Sunday, May 25

* Sam had to go into work Sunday morning, so the kids & I enjoyed a lazy day around the house. I read for most of the afternoon. Around 4:30, we joined a few other families at the school football field to play some sports games while the little kids played at the playground nearby. We had such a great time! We played tackle football with a varied group of people... men, women & teenagers. It was so fun! After football, we decided to play ultimate frisbee. My first time to play, but I had a blast. Lots of running, though! Whew... I was exhausted! The kids brought their bikes & showed off their riding skills all around the playground. We finally left close to 8:30, sweaty & tired!

Monday, May 26

* I walked my 5 mile loop in the morning.

* Nick went to a friend's house to play. Five of his classmates all got together & he had a great time!

* I had a group of ladies over to play board games. We do this every Monday & it is so much fun. My games are finally getting lots of good use! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play board games with me.

Tuesday, May 27

* I took Samuel to the optometrist only to find out that we can't get what we need here in Subic. So, we will have to make a trip to Manila this weekend to replace his glasses for the 3rd time!

* After lunch, the kids & I headed out to the beach to meet friends there. We stayed until 6 pm. It was another beautiful day! Perfect beach weather. Right before we left, we listened to a local band play some tribal music on their goatskin drums. The kids danced around on the sand & created quite a show of their own.

* Sydney's friend, Rebekah, spent the night with us after the beach. We were all exhausted by the time we got home!

Wednesday, May 28

* I picked up Nick's friend, Griffin, to come spend the day playing at our house. He & the boys had a great time running around outside.

* Sydney, Rebekah & I decided to spend some time in the kitchen. We made grape Jell-O and chocolate chip cookies! And, I probably undid all that walking I had done earlier in the week!

* Later that afternoon, I met up with a couple of girlfriends to walk our 5 mile loop again. One of the ladies will be leaving Saturday for the summer, so it was great to spend some time with her before her family leaves.

* The kids & I spent the evening outside riding bikes & waiting for Daddy to arrive home from work. They love riding their bikes these days!

Thursday, May 29

* My friend, Julie, and I met to walk again this morning. It was HOT today!

* After showering, I headed out to do my grocery shopping. In Subic, you can't find everything in one store, so you have to visit multiple stores to get all you need. It's such an ordeal. I went to 3 different stores, then finally headed home with a car full of groceries. I don't like doing that very often, so I try to stock up as much as I can each trip.

* At 3, I took the kids to a birthday party for one of their classmates. They had a little magic show at the party & the kids were thrilled by it! I think 5 and 6-year-olds are the perfect age to enjoy a magic show.

* We got home at 6 pm & enjoyed a relaxing evening.

We'll see what tomorrow & the rest of the week holds...