Tuesday, December 4

Teacher Christmas Gifts

I need help! I always draw a blank when it comes to giving Christmas gifts to teachers. Last year was wonderful, because the twins' preschool handed out a sheet of paper with their teacher's favorite things:

* Favorite Restaurant
* Favorite Store
* Favorite Scent
* Favorite Activity
* Favorite Music

and more! It made buying Christmas gifts so easy!

This year, I am clueless.

So, parents, please send me some good ideas. Teachers, please tell me what you like to receive/don't like to receive. (I mean, really, how many candles can you use? Actually... I would LOVE to get some White Barn or Pier 1 candles here! Mmmmm... I digress...) And, everyone else, send me your ideas also, please.



Erin said...

Of course, all teachers are different, but let me give you a little advice from my experience. Please, no coffee mugs. Teachers get SO MANY! Also, no apple-themed things. Decorative things are pretty much no, unless you know specifically of something they collect.

Things that are great: gift cards! I'm not sure if they are as available there as they are here, but that is always a great idea.

At my school, I collect gifts from teachers that they don't want, and take them to my grandmother's nursing home. I take boxes and boxes of stuff each December. Most of it is cheesy home decor, but there are also a lot of candles, lotions, etc.

Hope that helps!

Amberly said...

Thanks, Erin! HUGE help!!

Christy said...

That is a great help, Erin. I'll take the advice too!

Kim said...

I have a teacher friend and she always "re-gifts" the lotions, candles and bawbles. The things she uses are...gift cards anywhere but especially Starbucks, bookstores and movie tickets or Blockbuster. She said she could enjoy a good movie and buy popcorn without feeling guilty about spending so much.