Monday, December 3

Nick's November Observation

Here is Nick's latest school observation letter. This sounds exactly like him:

What Nick Did and How He Did It
November 2007


Part of our Safety unit for this term is scissors safety. Teacher explained to the group that a pair of scissors is a tool and not a toy. Teacher also reminded them that scissors are sharp and that we don’t run with scissors.

Teacher handed over a pair of blue plastic child-friendly scissors to Nick. Nick smiles at Teacher and said,”I like blue.”

“I’m glad you like blue, Nick,” Teacher said with a smile on her face.

Teacher gave all the children long strips of paper. Teacher explained to them that they were going to cut the paper using the scissors. Nick was excited. The group started to use the scissors and started to cut the pieces of paper.

While cutting the strips of paper, Nick stopped and looked at Teacher, “We don’t cut shorts and we don’t cut pants.”

“That’s right, Nick,” Teacher said while keeping eye on the others who were doing the activity.

“We don’t put it inside our mouths and we don’t cut shirts,” Nick said while continuing to cut his paper.

“That’s right. Scissors are tools, not toys,” Teacher reminded him again.

“I did it!” Nick exclaimed after being able to cut a small part of his paper.

“You did it! Good job!” said Teacher.