Friday, November 30

At the beach...

This is so cool! I am sitting at the most beautiful beach, eating breakfast, surfing the web. (Only because I stole Sam's computer who is trying to do some work. It can wait.)

So much has happened in Manila lately that I have not had the chance to blog about. Someday soon. But for now, we have exprienced the following where we live:

* Typhoons
* Mall bombing/explosion (They cannot agree whether it was a natural gas explosion or a terrorist bomb.)
* More typhoons
* Earthquake (This was interesting...)
* Military coup takeover

The Philippines have been fun & wonderful, but I am constantly on my guard living here. You just never know what's going to happen.

But, come visit anyway... we'd love to have you! It's beautiful & you can come to the beach! I promise it's worth it!

Back to breakfast...


Kristi said...

I read about the coup thing yesterday and was wondering if that was your hotel or area!!

Goodness, what excitement!!

Becky said...

say what?
are you at the beach because you had to evacuate your hotel or was this a planned trip?
sounds a little crazy...

Becky said...

what a coincidence! each of those things happened here, too!
um, just kidding.

Dara said...

Wow! That sounds a bit unnerving! I sure am glad you guys are alright! Enjoy the beach and breakfast - that part does sound delightful!

Amberly said...

The military coup occurred at the hotel where we stayed when we came for our look-see in June. The Peninsula Hotel in Manila. Very nice!

And, no, we did not have to evacuate. Friday was a holiday in the Philippines, so we decided to make it a longer weekend and took Thursday off as well. We left for the beach early Thursday morning. And, it was a good thing we did! Our condo was in lock down mode, but nothing occurred here, thank goodness!