Thursday, November 22

Israel... not jail

Sydney's friend, Dana, is spending about a month visiting family and friends back home in Israel. The other day, Sydney mentioned that she missed Dana and asked where she was:

Syd: "Mom, where is Dana?"
Me: "She's in Israel."
Syd (completely panicked): "WHAT? Why is she in jail?"


Lynn Leaming said...

I love these kind of stories!! So cute! Guess what? I am here with the cat and he is beautiful and I have no fear of him whatsoever, even petting him and he is so soft. Don't know if it will apply to all cats, but at least I don't have to worry while I am here.
Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving! Tell the kids hello for me.

Christina said...

Hahahaha - this is too cute! I love it!

Amberly said...

Lynn, you're an inspiration!! :)