Saturday, January 28

My Little Helpers

I love it that the kids are old enough to really help with household chores. I mean, they have always helped out in one way or the other. For instance, they help me with the laundry... taking the dirty clothes to the laundry room, helping me load the washer and unloading the dryer. And, they help me unload the dishwasher when we clean the kitchen. And they have always been pretty good about picking up their toys at the end of the day. But, now I have been teaching them to fold towels & washcloths... easy things that I'm not so anal about. They are learning to make their beds. They'll wipe down the table, counters and cabinet facings for me. And, the other day, one of the twins even pushed a vacuum around the house. So, I am really excited that we have been able to add on some "bigger" chores lately. However, I am greatly anticipating the day that they can clean the bathrooms! That will be awesome!

Wednesday, January 25

Samuel's Frustration

This morning, before we sat down to eat breakfast, Sydney went to wash her hands. However, the bathroom light wasn't on & she is a FANATIC about having the bathroom light on, but she can't reach it yet. So, Samuel got up from the table & turned the light on for her, waited for her to finish washing & then turned the light off. They both came back to the table & we sat down to eat. A little while later, Sydney announced she needed to use the potty. So, off she went to the bathroom, and again, the light wasn't on. I was in the middle of feeding Nicholas his oatmeal, so I asked Samuel if he would go turn on the light for Sydney. He got up from the table & asked, "Sydney, you have to go to the bathroom again?" After she answered "yes", he yelled in frustration, "ARGHHH!" Poor guy... he's got the same amount of patience as him Mom!

Tuesday, January 24

Time to start blogging...

My husband thinks this whole blog world is ridiculous (maybe because I'm addicted to it?), but I'm attempting to win him over with this one! I think it'll be a great way to start journaling funny stories about my kids. Typing comes much easier to me than writing in a journal, so here I go...

Samuel made me laugh the other day at the dinner table. He & Sydney were sitting there waiting for the rest of us to get our plates & sit down. Out of the blue, he started singing "Video Killed the Radio Star." (I guess it goes without saying that we will not be getting any "Parents of the Year" awards!) However, instead of singing the word "video", he sang "Mommy". So, his song was, "Mommy killed the radio star..." I didn't know whether to laugh or correct him ("No, it's not 'Mommy', it's 'video'.") or explain to him that it's not a kid-friendly song & we shouldn't be singing it. So, what do I do... I ask him to sing it again for Daddy who was out of earshot the first time! What an example!! After a good laugh, Sammy decides that he shouldn't be singing "Mommy killed...", so we chose to correct him instead and tell him the words are "video killed...". And, true to his character, Sammy then goes into a long discussion of the song's origin & meaning. Which was WAY over Samuel's head, of course! Anyway, it was pretty cute at the time!

Here's another story I can remember from last week...

The twins were going down for "quiet time" the other day since they don't nap anymore. However, they would not settle down in their bedroom, so I separated them. Samuel soon fell asleep in my bed & Sydney came out of her room when the hour was over. She asked if she could play with her makeup & proceeded to decorate her face with all sorts of colors. So, I went on about my business & realized that I really needed to wake up Samuel before he slept too late. I walked into my bedroom, took one look at him & laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants! Sydney had snuck in there & painted his eyelids bright blue. It was hysterical! Of course, being the grump that he is when he's woken up, he was MAD! Which made it even funnier to look at my mad 3-year-old son with bright blue eyeshadow. I couldn't even discipline him for being so grumpy because I was too busy laughing! Poor guy... it's just the beginning!