Wednesday, January 25

Samuel's Frustration

This morning, before we sat down to eat breakfast, Sydney went to wash her hands. However, the bathroom light wasn't on & she is a FANATIC about having the bathroom light on, but she can't reach it yet. So, Samuel got up from the table & turned the light on for her, waited for her to finish washing & then turned the light off. They both came back to the table & we sat down to eat. A little while later, Sydney announced she needed to use the potty. So, off she went to the bathroom, and again, the light wasn't on. I was in the middle of feeding Nicholas his oatmeal, so I asked Samuel if he would go turn on the light for Sydney. He got up from the table & asked, "Sydney, you have to go to the bathroom again?" After she answered "yes", he yelled in frustration, "ARGHHH!" Poor guy... he's got the same amount of patience as him Mom!