Tuesday, February 5

It's snowing...

in Boston.

And, how do I know this?

Because, my husband, who happens to be in Boston, just sent me the following text:

"Don't mean to make you sad, mad or jealous but it's snowing here."

And, of course, I am sad, mad AND jealous!! UGH!


owldog1 said...

People living in the snow would LOVE to trade places with you and you want to trade with them. Is that life or what?

Jenn said...

I am sad, mad and jeleous too that you are not here!

AKILEZ said...

Thank God your husband was not there last year. We had a big snow storm and I was on I-95 for 6hours. Hundreds of commuters got stuck and had to abandoned their cars on 95 but thank god I wasn't one of them. I only seen the sun twice for the past month.