Wednesday, December 6

Christmas Wish List

Yesterday, the kids' teacher at school made a Christmas Wish List for all of her students. When I went to pick up the twins yesterday afternoon, I saw it posted on her door:

Girl 1 - Teddy Bear
Girl 2 - Doll
Girl 3 - Teddy Bear
Girl 4 - Doll
Sydney - Styling Head

Now, I know exactly what she wants, but I think she sure had her teacher confused! She has always marched to the beat of her own drum!


Becky said...

is it one of those from the neck up large heads with hair you can fix and stuff? on extreme home makeover once they filled a little girl's room with thsoe heads and I have to say I was completely creeped out. No way would I want to sleep in a room full of heads.

Amberly said...

Yes, that is exactly what it is. I saw that episode of Extreme Makeover & yes, that was very creepy. Even the one by itself freaks me out a bit.

SuzyQ007 said...

Oooh, I had a Barbie head when I was a little girl & I LOVED it! It was so fun to play with! I also loved my Baby Tender Love doll. Now that I think about it, that's probably WAY before your time! :)